Meet The NFL’s Most Hated Coaches of All Time

Football | 10/26/20

Coaching in the NFL isn’t easy. Plenty of amazing college coaches and NFL coordinators have tried their hand at the big gig and come up well short. Bad or good, there’s one thing about the job that is inescapable: the public ire. When you suck at coaching and the team is losing your own fan base hates you. When you’re good and you win all the time, like Bill Belichick and the New England Patriots, the entire league can’t stand you. With hatred being so pervasive in football, it takes a special kind of person to be loathed more than the rest.

Bobby Petrino

Doug Benc/Getty Images
Doug Benc/Getty Images

It’s fair to say, Bobby Petrino didn’t have it easy when he landed his job with the Atlanta Falcons. His franchise quarterback Mike Vick was sidelined due to a dogfighting scandal and the team got off to a brutal 3-10 start. That would make any new coach lose his nerve, but Bobby did things differently.

With three games left in the season, Petrino resigned by leaving a short, handwritten note attached to the lockers of all his players. In the fallout, Petrino was criticized and labeled a coward. Now, he’s coaching Missouri State and will hopefully find the success he was clearly missing in the pros.