Rob Gronkowski Reveals The Shocking Number of Concussions He’s Experienced

Football | 9/13/19

Former New England Patriots player Rob Gronkowski has spoken about the many concussions he experienced in his NFL career. The player spent all nine years of his playing career with the Patriots and says he’s had 20 concussions in his life.

“I had nine surgeries and probably had, like, 20 concussions in my life – no lie,” says Gronkowski. “I remember five blackout ones.”

Gronkowski discussed the subject after being asked if he would let his son play football after knowing everything he does about the sport.

“I would let my son play football, but first I’d educate him on the game. (I would) educate him on what I went through, and I truly believe that any injury you receive is fixable,” Gronkowski told CBS news.

The former tight end retired during the offseason this year. Many have speculated that he could return to New England this season. He says that he’s “in a good place right now” and “would have to be feeling it” to consider a return.