These Stars Remain Loyal Fans To Their Favorite NFL Teams

Football | 11/7/19

Different kinds of people from all over the world enjoy the game of American football. Some are more rabid about their teams than others, and that’s okay. Even big-name celebrities can show their crazy side when it comes to rooting for their team — just ask Nick Lachey. For each franchise, there’s a star who carries the utmost love for them. Continue reading, and you could discover that your favorite actor, musician, or public figure cheers for the same team as you. You’ll for sure find out what’s so crazy about Lachey…

The Swimmer Loves These Birds

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Christian Petersen/Getty Images
Christian Petersen/Getty Images

It should serve as an exceptional motivation in the locker room when the most decorated Olympian is a fan of yours. Michael Phelps loves the Baltimore Ravens. He’s even run out of the tunnel for their games!

Phelps has a friendship with former Ravens star, Ray Lewis, as well. The cool thing is that the respect goes both ways. During a 2016 preseason game, the Ravens paused the game to watch Phelps perform in the 200-meter relays.