The Winners And Losers Of The 2020 Virtual NFL Draft

Football | 4/27/20

Every year the NFL Draft welcomes a fresh class of college athletes to the professional ranks. Owners and coaches desperate to turn their bad fortunes into a Super Bowl title jump for the hottest quarterbacks, defensive lineman, and wide receivers (just to name a few positions) to add the missing piece. In 2020, the Bengals selected LSU QB Joe Burrow with the first overall pick after a 2-14 season. But how did the rest of their draft go? These are the biggest winners and losers of the 2020 Virtual NFL Draft.

Winners – The NFL

the nfl draft podium
Richard Schultz/NFLPhotoLibrary
Richard Schultz/NFLPhotoLibrary

For the first time in NFL history, the league held a virtual draft. Originally scheduled to be a live three-day event in Las Vegas, the current global crisis forced the league to have everyone stay at home.

To ensure the draft would run smoothly, cameras were set up in the houses of coaches, general managers, prospects, and Commissioner Roger Goodell. A test run full of technical errors helped prevent bugs during the live virtual show, allowing it to go without a hitch. A record audience of 15.6 million viewers tuned in and the new format was met with near-universal praise!