This Is Why The New York Giants Drafted Daniel Jones

Football | 4/29/19
daniel jones
Lance King/Getty Images
Lance King/Getty Images

On day one of the NFL Draft, the New York Giants blindsided the NFL world when they selected Duke quarterback Daniel Jones with the sixth overall pick. The fact that they took a quarterback wasn’t a surprise, however. The fact that it wasn’t Dwayne Haskins was.

Eli Manning can’t play forever, and the Giants were under immense pressure this offseason to find his future replacement. After Kyler Murray, Dwayne Haskins was widely regarded as the best quarterback available. The Giants’ general manager, Dave Gettleman, felt different.

Speaking to the media, Gettleman made it clear, “I’ve been to seven Super Bowls, kiddo. And I’ve seen what it smells like, looks like and tastes like. And that’s what those teams had. They were well-constructed rosters, and the culture was there, and obviously the talent level was there. It’s gotta be a match of both. So Daniel for us was the guy, plain and simple.”

If rumors are true, the Giants’ also believed they weren’t alone in coveting Daniel Jones and were actually trying to move up to make sure they got their man. So far, there has been no confirmation for that.

As for Haskins, he ended up falling to the Washington Redskins, where he instantly becomes slotted in as the starter for the injured Alex Smith.