The Wives And Girlfriends Of 2020’s Super Bowl Athletes

Football | 1/23/20

What makes a happy relationship? Is it the ability to communicate openly, or is it the length the people have been together? While there’s no set answer for that question, couples will try whatever it takes to stay together if they love one another. Ask Emmanuel Sanders and his wife, or even Patrick Mahomes and his high school sweetheart. For professional athletes, their spouses grow to get used to the distance and all the attention that comes with playing pro. Continue reading to see who the stars of Super Bowl 2020 are with, and the struggles they went through to stay together.

Tevin Coleman And Ahkeilah Murib

Ahkeilah Murib

Ahkeilah Murib is Tevin Coleman’s longtime girlfriend-turned-fiancé. She’s been with the running back since his days with the Atlanta Falcons and the two are extremely fond of each other.

The couple has twins named Nazaneen and Nezerah, whom Ahkeilah posts photos of on social media every chance she gets. Ahkeilah is something of a model, as you’ll learn the moment you take a look at her Instagram account. The two live a lavish lifestyle, and if Coleman gets a Super Bowl victory on his resume, that way of living might become even fancier.