The Worst Calls In NFL History

Football | 2/4/20

Referees can be some of the most controversial people in a sports game. One bad call can ruin the game and make you the target of many, many angry fans. Whether it’s missing obvious interference that even the cameras caught, or calling a fumble that was definitely NOT a fumble, these refs have made some of the worst calls in the history of the NFL.

Nobody expects the officiating to be perfect, but whatever the issue it may be, sometimes a team just gets screwed out of a game. Do you remember all of these major controversies?

The Call That Didn’t Happen

Sometimes, when a referee doesn’t make a call that they should’ve, it affects the game just as much. Anyone neutral to football would’ve been shocked to see there was no pass-interference call. This non-call happened in the NFC Championship Game in 2019.

Chris Graythen / Getty Images
Chris Graythen / Getty Images

As the Saints were driving to the red zone on third down, the refs missed a PI call that would’ve changed the game. The Saints should’ve been awarded a first down which would’ve put them in position to win it all. The Rams ended up winning in overtime.