These Coaches Will Never Live Down Their Worst Super Bowl Mistakes

Football | 12/30/20

There is no greater pressure in American professional sports than being the coach of an NFL team during the Super Bowl. It’s a winner-takes-all affair with 100 million fans watching, meaning every decision a coach makes is critical. For many, that pressure has been too much. From Pete Carroll not giving the ball to Marshawn Lynch to Kyle Shanahan being over-aggressive with the Falcons, some decisions are so bad, fanbases will never get over the pain. These are the worst coaching decisions in Super Bowl history. Which one will you never forget?

Lovie Smith Goes With Rex Grossman

Al Bello/Getty Images
Al Bello/Getty Images

The 2006 Chicago Bears featured an absurdly dominant defense and terrific special teams. While the offense needed to be mistake-free, it didn’t necessarily have to be dynamic. The defense, led by Brian Urlacher and Lance Briggs, and special teams ace Devin Hester would take care of everything else.

Lovie Smith decided his quarterback would be mistake prone Rex Grossman. He had options in veteran Brian Griese and Kyle Orton, but stuck with his guy. Grossman was anemic in the game, only throwing for 165 yards with two interceptions and lost a fumble.