The Wildest Things People Have Done With The Stanley Cup

Hockey | 5/25/23

For over 100 years, the Stanley Cup has been the most revered award in the National Hockey League. People have funny ways of showing their love for the trophy, like setting it on fire, punting it over a canal, and even forgetting it on the side of the road. Read on for some of the most outrageous things people have done with the Stanley Cup.

The Montreal Canadiens Left The Cup On The Side Of The Road!

One of the oldest stories in the Stanley Cup book is when the Montreal Canadiens left their 1924 trophy on the side of the road! The team’s then-owner, Léo Dandurand, and three players were headed home from a celebratory party when their Model T Ford gave out.

Getty Images
Getty Images

Player Sprague Cleghorn placed the Stanley Cup on the side of the road to help push the car uphill. By the time everyone jumped in, they all had forgotten about the trophy! Luckily, it was still there when they returned to get it.