Sports Collapses That Left Fans Questioning Their Loyalty

Sports | 10/30/20

Few moments in sports are more heartbreaking than when your favorite team is on the cusp of reaching ultimate glory only to collapse at the worst moment. Falcons fans will never forget their team blowing a 28-3 halftime lead in the Super Bowl. That epic collapse isn’t the only one that has left fanbases questioning their team loyalty. From the Atlanta Braves NLCS collapse of 2020 to the Yankees 2004 ALCS disaster, these are the worst collapses in sports history.

The Braves Blow A 3-1 Series Lead In The 2020 NLCS

atlanta braves 2020 nlcs
Cooper Neill/MLB Photos via Getty Images
Cooper Neill/MLB Photos via Getty Images

This one might not sting as much as the Falcons’ Super Bowl collapse from 2017, but coming just three years later it didn’t help heal any wounds, either. The Atlanta Braves took a commanding 3-1 series lead against the Los Angeles Dodgers in the 2020 NLCS only to watch it fade away in historic fashion.

The Braves pitching had stifled the Dodgers, and it looked like Los Angeles was set for another fall disappointment for their fans. Then their bats awoke. Even with Atlanta’s best pitchers on the mound, the Dodgers began crushing the ball, won three in a row, and punched their ticket to the World Series.