Sports Teams And Cities That Just Can’t Seem To Catch A Break

Sports | 2/20/19

In sports, there are plenty of decorated cities and franchises like Boston or Los Angeles. Teams like the Celtics or even the Patriots have a rich history of winning. Even if they were to lose 10 consecutive seasons in a row, they can always fall back on their impressive championship count being higher than teams and cities that don’t win. But let’s discuss these nonwinners. From the city of Phoenix to the Buffalo Bills, winning doesn’t seem to be in the stars for every city or team. Let’s move on and see who else has it had it hard when it comes to winning.

Cleveland Just Can’t Win

Jason Miller/Getty Images
Jason Miller/Getty Images

If it weren’t for LeBron James then Cleveland would have continued to be a sad city for a sports fan. After bringing an onslaught of athletic and basketball ability, James, Kyrie Irving, and the Cleveland Cavaliers ended a 52-year drought of not winning a championship.

Outside of that, it might be another 50 plus years until the Browns pull off a Super Bowl win. The Indians came close to winning the World Series recently but no cigar. Something must be in the water in Cleveland that’s preventing them from claiming a title.