The World’s Deadliest Sports Are Not For The Risk Averse

Sports | 10/20/20

The majority of sports come with risks. From baseball to basketball to football, the games we love to play all involve risking our bodies for an adrenaline rush. For anyone really looking for a thrill, there are more extreme sports that come with major risks. From free solo climbing to heli-skiing, certain activities will make your life flash before your eyes. But which ones are the deadliest? Keep reading to find out!

Wingsuit Flying Is Only For The Biggest Risk Takers

Wingsuit Flyers in Switzerland dangerous sports
Thibault Gachet/Red Bull via Getty Images
Thibault Gachet/Red Bull via Getty Images

Across the board, not many extreme sports will give you a bigger rush than wingsuit flying. A flyer puts on a flying squirrel-inspired suit, finds a cliff face, jumps off, and glides until they safely land.

Not all landings are happy ones, though. According to one study, roughly 1 in 60 jumpers will lose their lives. Any false move while gliding could result in severe danger, including squeezing through small holes in rocks or sweeping too close to the ground.