The Biggest Upsets And Finals From The French Open You Need To Know

Tennis | 5/25/23

Out of all the grand slam events, the French Open tends to be the one where the status quo plays out more often than others. That’s thanks to players like Rafael Nadal, who cleans house on the clay surface. With upsets being rare, there still those moments where the underdog comes out on top. Throughout all the most significant matches, around half of them have been upsets. Overall, you can always expect high caliber tennis from the French Open, whether its unexpected defeats or two evenly matched opponents, you’re in for a pleasant time.

Virginia Razzano Beats Williams in 2012

The year is 2012, and Serena Williams is in her prime. She comes into the French Open as a fifth seed and gains a 5-1 advantage in the second set tiebreaker against Virginie Razzano. Things are looking good.

Serena loses in the French Open

Razzano was the number 111 player in the world at the time of this match, so keep that in mind. She rallies back against Williams and becomes the only person to beat Williams in the first round of a Grand Slam event!