The Records Of The French Open Will Leave You Love 40 Down

Tennis | 5/25/23

The French Open first began in 1891 as the French Championship and showcased the best tennis players that French clubs had to offer. In 1925, the competition opened itself up to international amateurs. The evolution of the tournament continued in 1968 when it officially became the French Open and allowed both amateurs and professionals to compete. It was the first Open of its kind, and as such has a rich history filled with jaw-dropping records. Rafael Nadal might have the most Men’s Singles Titles today, but do you know who set the record first?

Max Decugis Won The Most Men’s Singles Titles Before It Was Cool

Before the French Open was available for everyone to compete, Max Decugis dominated the competition. During his pre-1925 run, he set the record for most Men’s Singles Titles with eight. He won his first title in 1903 and his final one in 1914.

max decugis held the record for most french open men's singles titles for decades
Branger/Roger Viollet/Getty Images
Branger/Roger Viollet/Getty Images

Decugis held the record for decades. Between 1925 and 1967, the closest anyone got was Henri Cochet with four. When the tournament opened itself up to everyone it held until Rafal Nadal burst onto the scene in 2005.