Formula 1’s Jackie Stewart Is A World Champion But Now Faces His Toughest Race Ever With His Wife…

Trending | 3/15/19

Jackie Stewart is one of Formula 1’s top racers. Universally acknowledged as a top ten racer of all time, Stewart was born on June 11, 1939, in Milton Dunbartonshire, Scotland. His parents were successful in the car business and due to learning difficulties, Stewart couldn’t continue his secondary education and began working in his dad’s garage at age 16. Fast forward on his life and Stewart raced his way to becoming one of the all-time greats. These days, he’s dealing with the biggest race of his life… helping save his wife’s life. Join us as we explore this amazing racer’s claims to fame and the new challenges he’s facing in 2019 with his own family.

The Young Prodigy

Ronald Dumont/Express/Getty Images
Ronald Dumont/Express/Getty Images

Jackie Stewart’s life has always been about cars. Since he was young, his family owned and operated Dumbuck Garage in Dumbarton, Scotland. He would go on to work for the family garage as an apprentice mechanic. His family had successfully built up the business as Jaguar car dealers.

Jackie also had a brother, Jimmy, who was a racecar driver with a local reputation that was growing. His brother even competed in the British Grand Prix back in 1953. Getting sucked into the life of racing was almost inevitable for Jackie.