The Wackiest, Weirdest, And Wildest Trophies In Sports Are Truly Something To Behold

Trending | 7/13/20

Winning a big tournament or a single game can fill you with pride and joy. These trophies can then take that pride and joy and leave a lasting reminder of your win that you might want to hide in the closet. These are the ugliest and oftentimes most bizarre sports trophies that have been claimed by professional athletes.

The Chinese Grand Prix Trophy Is Super Extra

Wang Zhao / AFP via Getty Images
Wang Zhao / AFP via Getty Images

Mercedes AMG Petronas driver Lewis Hamilton of Britain took home the trophy at the 2014 Chinese Grand Prix and it’s definitely a sight to behold. The trophy looks like it’s part championship trophy and part art project that was created by a second-grader who didn’t put much effort into the design process.

Either way, Hamilton won the trophy, and every single time he sees it he likely now thinks, “I’m a winner, I think.”