The Best Athletes To Wear Every Jersey Number

Trending | 2/21/19

When a major athlete joins a new team, there’s always one question fans need answered. Will he continue to wear the same number from his last team? When LeBron James signed with the Lakers, everyone needed to know what would happen to the iconic 23 on his back. When he first left Cleveland for Miami, he was forced to change his number to six. Would the same fate befall him in Los Angeles? The answer was no; King James will continue to reign over the league with 23 on his back. Here’s another question; is LeBron James the best athlete to ever wear 23? We have the answer and many more!

Tom Brady Is The GOAT In 12

Sam Greenwood/Getty Images
Sam Greenwood/Getty Images

You can hate Tom Brady all you want, but with five Super Bowl rings to his name and plenty of NFL records, you can’t deny he is the best to ever wear 12. Across every major professional sport, no athlete with that number on their back has accomplished more.

And amazingly Brady isn’t done yet. He’s 41 years old and still the starting quarterback for the New England Patriots. He’s also still one of the best players in the league. As long as his offensive line can keep him upright, Brady won’t be going away for a while.