Becky Lynch Doesn’t Like Ronda Rousey

Wrestling | 4/8/19
becky lynch
Mat Hayward/Getty Images
Mat Hayward/Getty Images

As far as WWE storylines go, Becky Lynch may have started the next great one after taking down Ronda Rousey in the main event at Wrestlemania to become the Raw and SmackDown Women's champion. Rousey, who left UFC to join WWE just over a year ago should have seen this coming.

After the match, Lynch directed her anger at Rousey towards the fighter's mother, who was in attendance, barking, "Your daughter had it coming. Now get her out of her!"

Speaking Boomer and Gio on Monday morning, Lynch then fired these shots at Rousey, "this is my sport, this is my turf, my territory. Ronnie is a tourist in my industry and now her tourist visa has expired, she can get out of here. She can get out of here!"

The next question is this; will WWE be smart enough to let this blossoming feud between Becky Lynch and Ronda Rousey play out? A few weeks before Wrestlemania, rumors surfaced that Rousey would be leaving the promotion to start a family. She denied the rumor, but has not been scheduled for any new events yet.

We hope Rousey sticks around. It's been years since a really high powered feud graced the arena, and with the rise of women in the sport, now is the perfect time to put these two in the spotlight.