Kurt Angle’s Struggles Make His WWE Career Even More Incredible

Wrestling | 2/22/19

Kurt Angle has accomplished just about everything he can in the world of professional wrestling. He started his career wrestling in college before tasting Olympic glory. When the WWE came calling he answered and helped introduce a new generation to the the soap opera that is World Wrestling Entertainment. These days, he lives a cushy life as a WWE general manager, only making brief ring appearances when needed. To reach the peak of his career, Angle had to overcome incredible hardships in his life. This is the story of everything Kurt Angle battled through to find himself at the top of the mountain.

His Father Was His Anchor

IOP/AFP/Getty Images
IOP/AFP/Getty Images

Growing up, Kurt Angle’s father made sure his son knew how much he loved him. Despite working a job as a crane operator with long hours, David Angle never missed one of his son’s football games or wrestling matches.

Kurt Angle was a star athlete growing up, and his father could not have been more proud of his son. Sadly, when Kurt was 16 years old, tragedy struck and his life would change forever. The heartbreaking loss of his father would shape the man he would become.