Showdown! These Wrestlers Fought Each Other In Real Life

Wrestling | 2/22/19

The sport of wrestling is one brilliantly and brutally choreographed dance. Stars like John Cena and Dwayne Johnson circle each other, every move predetermined, every drop of sweat proof of the dedication to their craft. So what happens when the routine is broken? There have been plenty of times where wrestlers’ feuds have gotten the best of their emotions. They took their scripted rivalry and turned it into an unscripted assault. Read on for details on the most unhinged, unplanned, and downright scary real-life wrestler fights.

Kofi Kingston Threw Down With His Boss

Moses Robinson/Getty Images
Moses Robinson/Getty Images

Kofi Kingston might not be the most memorable WWE star to ever enter the ring, but he did try and take his career to the next level by picking a fight with Vince McMahon. This was not a planned fight, either. Kingston was upset when he found out that McMahon was intentionally picking on him.

To settle the score, Kingston confronted McMahon, who responded with a double leg takedown. After the incident was over, McMahon stopped making fun of Kingston. It might be stupid to pick a fight with your boss, but in this case it somehow worked out.