Stone Cold Facts About WWE Superstar Steve Austin

Wrestling | 12/11/19

Steve Austin was always meant to be a professional wrestler. As a child and teenager, he often visited the Dallas Sportatorium to see stars like the Von Erichs, Gino Hernandez and Bruiser Brody compete in the squared circle.

He took up wrestling immediately after college and was a champion early in his 20’s. Following a stint in the WCW and ECW, he moved on to the WWE, where he became one of the biggest stars in the history of the sport.

Wrestling Was Always Something Steve Was Interested In

steve austin during an interview
Bill Watters/Getty Images
Bill Watters/Getty Images

Stone Cold was born Steven James Anderson. He was always involved in sports growing up and developed a passion for wrestling. He lived in a hot bed for the sport and there were regular wrestling events all over Texas.

While in High School and College, Anderson regularly went to see events at the Dallas Sportatorium. At this time, he got the witness the world famous Von Erich family in action as they were the most popular grapplers in the state.