These Enormous WWE Wrestlers Are Larger Than Life

Wrestling | 2/20/19

Professional wrestling boasts not only some of the biggest athletes but some of the biggest humans on the planet. If you are 220 or under, you are considered “small” in the sport. Some, though, are just larger-than-life in every way. There are the ones who are monumentally tall, while others are just all-around behemoths. And somehow these giants are able to athletically bounce and fly around a wrestling ring, though some much better than others. With nicknames like “Walking Condominium” and “The Devil’s Favorite” these colossal men have gone down in history as some of the biggest wrestlers of all time.

Too Big For A Partner

First making it into the spotlight as Enzo Amore’s tag team partner, Big Cass was just too much of a powerhouse not to make a name for himself solo. He ended his partnership by picking Amore up over his head, throwing him 14 feet to the ground then kicking him right in the face. Standing at a massive seven feet tall and weighing in at ‎276 pounds, Big Cass’ real name is William Morrissey. At 30 years old, he’s won 275 out of his 462 matches. Aside from Amore, he’s also had some beef with another mega-sized wrestler, Big Show.