These WWE Fans Are Taking Their Sign Game To The Next Level

Wrestling | 3/20/19

In the world of professional wrestling, no tier is bigger and more ridiculous than the WWE. Run by Vince McMahon, World Wrestling Entertainment has been the go-to for fans hungry for violence and soap opera storylines. In our opinion, the fans are actually one of the most underappreciated aspects of the WWE. The most dedicated fans bring hilarious and brutal signs for the wrestlers to read from the ring. These signs are the cream of the crop and will get you pumped up for the next big WWE event!

That’s One Way To Do It

randy orton fan sign wwe funny signs

We’re not sure whose idea this sign was. Maybe the kid thought it would be funny to embarrass his mother in front of tens of thousands of people. Maybe his mom made him hold it up because she had a crush on Randy Orton.

Either way, this sign is one way to put yourself out there. Did Randy Orton see it? Is he even looking to date right now? Unfortunately for her, he’s not. Orton has been married since 2015.